Get into Action with Action Indoor Sports Modbury

Get into Action with Action Indoor Sports Modbury

Get into Action with Action Indoor Sports Modbury



Action Indoor Sports Modbury offers an indoor venue for your sporting teams with Indoor Cricket, Indoor Netball, Indoor Soccer, our newest sport REDBALL LACROSSE

Redball Lacrosse

The newest sport to hit Action!!



Action Indoor Sports Modbury hosts this exciting new competition in conjunction with North Adelaide Lacrosse Club.

Redball Lacrosse is a fast paced modified indoor version of the outdoor game with 5 players per team and continuous play surrounded by our sports nets meaning the ball is always in play and the goals flow freely!

Games are played every Thursday night with junior and senior competitions running over the Summer months.

Indoor Cricket

Indoor Cricket: The game that started it all...

DID YOU KNOW?! Indoor Cricket was the first indoor sport played and is a great variation of the outdoor game!

Check out how Josh Philippe has used indoor cricket to elevate his game to the next level!

Action Modbury runs 6-a-side competitions all year round through the week.

Seniors - Monday and Wednesday nights 
Juniors - Tuesday nights (Winter only)

Please see our Junior Sport page for more information about our upcoming junior cricket competitions.


Why is Indoor Cricket the Perfect Sport for You

  • Everyone bats & bowls
  • Games are finished in 80 minutes (seniors) or 60 minutes (juniors)
  • Play all year round come rain or shine in the comfort of indoors with air-conditioned courts in summer
  • Fully stocked kiosk and bar open before, during and after your game
  • Fast paced game that is exciting and much like T20
  • A great way to keep up your cricket skills over Winter or a fun way to catch up with mates during the week
  • Spawtz scoreboards, with individual, team and leagues stats available after each and every game!

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Indoor Netball

Action Modbury runs two Indoor Netball competitions; 7-a-side Ladies on Wednesday nights and Uniball (6-a-side Mixed) on Thursday nights.

Ladies 7-a-side Competition

Runs every Wednesday night. It’s a fun and social competition and great for those who want to have a friendly game of netball while staying active! Competition now running with spots available, register your team now! 

Uniball (Mixed 6-a-side) Competition

Uniball, a popular version of netball is returning to Thursday nights This 6-a-side competition is a great way to get some friends together and experience the fun of netball in a social environment. You can shoot for 2 points from outside the goal circle and with modified rules and the ball never leaving the court it is fast paced action a plenty!


Indoor Soccer

Action Modbury runs Open Indoor Soccer competitions all year round.

All competitions run in 35 minute timeslots from 6pm through til 10pm. Our competitions are Open grades which means females can play too! We have a number of teams that field female players and we are more than happy to accept mixed teams on any night.

We currently run a senior competition on Tuesday nights

Our indoor soccer competitions are played on a double width court which is over 20 metres wide, allowing for more open game play. Indoor Soccer is a fantastic way to be involved with the world's most popular sport without having to worry about the weather or chasing the ball down the street!

Our Junior Indoor Soccer competitions run on Tuesday nights over Summer

The competition is great for players of all skill levels, whether they are new players to soccer or an existing club or team looking to keep their skills up, our competitions are great to play all year round!! Please see our Junior Sports page for further information about junior sport.


Why is Indoor Soccer the Perfect Sport for You

  • Biggest and highest quality indoor soccer courts in Adelaide at our newly renovated Modbury venue!
  • Umpires keep track of the score
  • Play all year round come rain or shine in the comfort of indoors with air-conditioned courts in Summer
  • Fully stocked kiosk and licensed bar open before, during and after your game
  • Surrounded by netting, the ball never goes out & makes for a fast paced, exciting challenge
  • Social atmosphere with higher divisions for those looking for a competitive game, catering for players & teams of all skill levels

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Indoor Sports Centre Opening Hours:
 Monday - Thursday: 5pm til late   |   Friday, Saturday and Sunday: by booking only   

We are now located at Arena 42, 42 Famechon Crescent Modbury North SA 5092

Owner: Daniel McKay 
67 612 573 912