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Some other Frequently Asked Questions below:

Are we required to have team uniforms?

There are no set uniforms currently for any of our social competitions, however we encourage teams to wear matching shirts and colours. Especially in soccer this will assist the umpire in determining who is on which team.

What are the rules for 6-a-side Cricket?

You can find the Action Indoor Sports Modbury 6-a-side Information Sheet here which applies to our senior competitions. For junior competitions click here

What are the rules of your indoor soccer competition and how do the penalty cards work?

Details on the rules and penalty cards are available below:
Soccer Rules
Card System
Team Penalty Points System

What type of clothing can be worn?

Any clothing worn for playing in our competitions must be of a sporting nature and not feature zip pockets.  


Fully enclosed sport shoes must also be worn – slip on shoes, work boots or steel caps ARE NOT PERMITTED. 

I have a piercing/jewellery that I wear, do I need to remove it to play?

Netballers must remove all jewellery prior to their game (including all visible piercings). Taping is not permitted except for a flat wedding band or Medic Alert bracelet (these items must be taped to the satisfaction of umpires).

We recommend that all players in cricket and soccer also remove any piercings and jewellery before they play.

Do you allow netballers to wear gloves?

Yes, gloves are permitted for players who have long nails/fake nails. 

What type of equipment do we need to provide and what do you provide?
For all sports, you need to provide your own safety equipment.

Cricket – bats (required), gloves for batting and wicket keeping (required).

Soccer – goal keeping gloves (optional), shin pads (optional), clash bibs (required).

Netball – gloves (optional), team bibs (required)

Lacrosse - Stick (required), Protective equipment (optional)

We provide the match balls for all competitions.

When do your competitions run?

Our competitions run all year, with a 2 week break over the Christmas/New Year Period. We host 2 seasons a year, usually 25 weeks in duration (including finals) running from March-September and September-March. 

When can our team start?

We take team registrations at any time; once a team registers on our website we will get in contact as soon as possible to find out when the team would be ready to start and organise their first match.

What is the points structure?

Ladder positions are determined based on total points. In the case of teams being tied on points, the team with the highest number of wins is awarded the higher place. If teams are tied on both points and wins, percentage shall be the deciding factor.  

Ladder points are awarded as follows: 




Bonus Points 


+1 per skin 


+1 per 5 goals scored per game 


+1 per 10 goals scored per game 


Are there finals?

Yes, finals are held over a two-week period, with Semi-Finals held the week after the conclusion of the minor round. Grand Finals are the following week as well as the start of the new season with all teams participating in Grand Finals having their result counted as their Round 1 game for the new season. 

What happens if there is a draw in finals?

In the event of a draw during a Final, overtime will be granted to help determine a winner for netball and soccer, for cricket there will be a super over to work out the winner.

What is the structure for finals?
All finals are knock-out. 1st plays 3rd, 2nd plays 4th in semi finals with the winners of those matches advancing to the Grand Final.

We have a brand-new team that hasn’t played before, can we join?

Absolutely! We have a range of social teams that play in our competition, with an emphasis on inclusion and fun! All teams are placed into provisional grades for the first 5 rounds of the competition. Grades for all sports are finalised after this period. Management will also re-grade teams if deemed in the best interests of the competition and the team.  

Do you provide personal insurance?

Although the Arena is covered by public liability insurance, this will not cover you in event of an accident whilst playing. We suggest to all players that they should seek their own personal insurance that covers their participation in our sports.

Any player who enters the courts does so at their own risk. Players should be aware that as playing sport is an active endeavour with moving equipment (i.e. balls, bats etc) plus other players on the court, there is a risk of injuries/accidents happening.  

/-/salisbury/lib/images/pdf/Action Indoor Sports Policy - February 2024.pdf

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